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Volkswagen T3 with V8 from Corvette

Volkswagen T3 with V8 from Corvette chosen as the best tuning car in Germany.

Volkswagen T3 with a larger engine – this idea is embedded in a large number of tuning projects. Most of the time, the “loaders” get a Porsche engine from behind – impressive, but not revolutionary. But what German Peter Weiss did with his T3 is much more impressive – because the on-board modification of the VW Bus has received the LS3 V8.

Behind this designation lies the 6.2-liter naturally aspirated unit with 436 hp used in the Chevrolet Camaro SS and Corvette C6. Otherwise, from the outside, the truck looks ready for the morgue.

Now without a turbo, but with more than 360 hp.

The basis of the tuning project is a Volkswagen T3 Transporter from 1988, factory-fitted with a turbodiesel developing 70 hp. It was dismantled and replaced by a 6.2-liter LS3 V8, with White placed just behind the cab for optimal weight distribution (50:50).

vw t3 frankenstein engine

The V8 engine sends its 436 hp. and 575 Nm of torque to a manual transmission from a diesel BMW 5 Series E60. On the rear axle, a differential from the Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI distributes power between the left and right wheels. To accommodate all this, the frame of the “loader” has been seriously modified. Steel generation, made entirely on an individual project, as well as an aluminum tank for racing cars are installed.

If you are wondering how it is possible for such a car to drive on the streets of Germany, the answer lies in passing TÜV. As long as you meet the requirements, there is no problem.

Modified suspension with KW components

Naturally, enormous power must be kept under control. For this purpose, disc brakes from Porsche 911 996 are placed, supplemented by Brembo devices on the rear axle for the parking brake. The suspension uses mainly KW components, but the springs and shock absorbers are specially adapted to the centrally located engine of the T3. The black steel wheels are shod in half-shapes.

vw t3 frankenstein

The vision of the Transporter van with V8 is as brutal as the technology under the sheets. In terms of appearance, Peter Weiss not only leaves the serial look, but also removes the paint in places to show the bare metal. By applying preservative material, corrosion is stopped – and this T3 looks perfect in Rat Style.

GTI steering wheel, clad in Alcantara

In addition to the Recaro seats with Sparco belts, Weiss also puts on a roll cage. And for optimal control of the machine, a GTI steering wheel is installed all the time, dressed in Alcantara. The fact that the entire tuning project was completed in just one winter deserves respect.

vw t3 frankenstein steering wheel

Otherwise, in addition to this V8 Bulli Weiss has another T3 – a bus with a Porsche engine. In the Tuning Trophy Germany, however, the man decided to join with his brutal LS3-bus, which managed to prevail over the other two contenders from the last round in the face of Toyota GT86 and Dodge Charger.

For the finale, the tuning community chose their favorites by voting online – and so “crowned” Peter Weiss and his T3 Frankenstein for the best tuning project in Germany. In Tuning Trophy Germany, however, the man decided to join with his brutal LS3-bus, with which he managed to prevail over the other two contenders from the last round in the face of Toyota GT86 and Dodge Charger.

November 16, 2021

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Porsche B32: Volkswagen T3 with Porsche engine

We all dream how nice it would be to go on a long and adventurous walk with one of the Volkswagen Transporter models. And how does a T3 with a Porsche engine sound to you?

At 185 km / h on the highway, and in the back your wife is playing with the children? And you buy a Porsche! Businessmen are in a hurry for a meeting – and they need a 9-second acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h? You need a Porsche again! No, this is not a dream – but a reality. A slightly different Porsche with a 6-cylinder rear engine was created 35 years ago. It’s called B32 – and we’ll introduce you to its history.


Thanks to the 6-cylinder engine, the speedometer arrow on the bus shows 200km / h, despite the aerodynamics it has.

In the early 80’s, Porsche’s head of development Helmut Bot (1925-1994) gave the green light for the design of the strange model, after the tuned Bulli presented itself brilliantly as a prototype. According to various sources, the number of units produced is between 15 and 20. A hot engine from Carrera runs in the back. Naturally, there is also air conditioning and a stove on board. The price of this bus was – 145,000 Deutsche Mark (74,000 euros). For comparison: in 1984, the Carrera 3.2 cost 66,950 Deutsche Mark (33,740 euros)!

Today, the prices of the “king of space” have not fallen. And the “911” in it works completely real – there is no trace of compromise. The boxer growls and spins like any standard 911, it is a “donor” to both the transmission and many components of the suspension. Well, the infinitely long path of the gear lever can be annoying. There are disc brakes only on the front, and when the bus is not loaded, you feel the settings for the track.


This unique combination drives Porsche fans crazy. Who loves the 911 and has a family, this is the perfect combination of luggage, comfort and a fast car.

Here are some of the basic technical details of this Porsche:

Car data Porsche B32
Engine 6-cylinder, boxer
Valves / camshafts 12/2
Camshaft drive Chain
Working volume 3125 cubic centimeters
Diameter x stroke of the piston 95.0 x 74.4 mm
kW (hp) at rpm 170 (231) / 5900
Nm at rpm 284/4800
Max. speed 185 km / h (115mph)
Transmission 5-speed manual
Drive rear-wheel drive
Front / rear brakes disc / drum
Fuel consumption (factory data) 15.6 litre
Total weight 2540 kg
Measured values
Acceleration 0–100 km / h 9.6s
Mileage with one charge 380km
Noise inside 50/100 km / h 60/66 dB (A)
66,463 euro

Volkswagen has almost nothing to do with the creation of the B32, but without a doubt the Porsche bus, although unofficially, is the pearl in the crown of the T3.

July 25, 2021

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