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Almost $25000 for the Golf 2 Country. Why is it so expensive?

Volkswagen Golf 2 for $25000 and it’s not a G60, it’s not even a GTI. For this money, one can get a brand new copy of the latest generation of the model! The used car in question, the Golf Country on eBay, is far from overpriced, though! This model can easily be called “the grandfather” of compact and modern SUV cars.


The Golf Country debuted in 1989 at the Geneva Motor Show under the name Golf Montana. For the project, Volkswagen began a collaboration with off-road machine specialists Steyr-Daimler-Puch of Austria – and the result was so well received that orders started coming in – and the Wolfsburg-based company began to think about launching a production version.

In the end, the executives decided to put the “monster” on the assembly line, using a four-door Golf body with a lifting frame and the Golf syncro 4×4 system.

The interior of this Golf was offered in cream colored leather

The “Stranger” is exotic as customer interest cools once they realize it was offered with a 98hp engine and within a year and a half, only 7735 units were produced by the factory. And this one here is even more exotic: because it’s a special version of a special model! At the beginning of 1991, Volkswagen launched the Chrome Edition modification. It is offered only in black body color, combined with a cream-colored leather interior, a huge Webasto folding roof and many chrome details.


In years of production, this Chrome Edition is a complete failure in terms of price. Only 558 units were produced, the reason being the space cost, even the entry-level off-road Golf cost 33,225 marks, almost double the base Golf 2 with 55hp. But the “jewel” with the additional name Chrome Edition has the incredible price of 42,060 marks!

According to the seller, this Volkswagen 2 has only been driven for 20 years, having been part of a collection. Its owner not only kept the tall Golf, but also “dismantled, repaired, repainted and fundamentally renovated” it.

The engine has also been revised. There were “patches” on the bodywork, new fenders were installed, and some elements were repainted. The leather upholstery and sunroof are also new. Some pictures prove these claims – overall this Golf Country looks very good. The car even has a towbar. Interestingly, the ad does not mention the mileage.


The ultra-rare “granddaddy” of today’s SUVs can actually turn out to be a bargain, as long as you’re willing to pay that high price. Surely this rare model can only see a price increase in years to come as fans of these rare classic cars grow even as we see more and more electric cars. Check out the photos of this rare car from Wolfsburg below

October 13, 2022

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Volkswagen has revealed what the new Amarok will look like

Last year, Ford unveiled the new Ranger, which is Amarok’s twin brother. Of course, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles did not lag behind and revealed several design sketches of Amarok, which is expected to be released this year.

The similarities

From the very beginning, the German manufacturer stated that its pickup will have “pure Volkswagen DNA” instead of a Ranger with another logo. You definitely can’t go wrong with Volkswagen’s specific front end. As if there is some transition from the past to the future. And maybe it really will, judging by the allusive images, although, to be honest, it looks like the use of some of the body panels by the twin Ford. Apparently in order to reduce costs, both cars have the same doors, and the side mirror caps are identical.

amarok in snow

The interior

One of the sketches showing the interior shows the portrait-oriented multimedia display. This is identical to For Ranger. There are also some differences, such as the physical control buttons below the screen. The space between the two front seats is also different, the positions of some functions have been changed, and the gear lever has a different design.

amarok interior

In conclusion

With these seemingly small changes, the two pickups should ode look quite individual, despite their common roots. But at Volkswagen Amarok we should expect the same range of petrol and diesel engines as at Ford Ranger, including the new V6 diesel launched at the American pickup. This will be confirmed after the start of production in South Africa and Argentina, from where the German pickup will reach our markets in 2022.

January 05, 2022

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