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December 06, 2022

Volkswagen Typ 3 with Porsche 911 technology

The Volkswagen Typ 3 (1961-1973) is known in retro circles as the slightly boring old-timer that only die-hard fans of the model truly appreciate. But in this case, it’s a completely redesigned 300 hp Porsche-engined ‘sportsman’ that just hides behind a 1600 L exterior.

Engine from 911 (964)

The classic 1600 L car looks like a New Beetle, not very attractive, but with a lot of space and many advantages. However, the serial boxer located at the rear offers anything but a dynamic ride. Therefore, the tuning company Das Triebwerk dtw Germany decided to change that. They “grafted” the modest 1600 L 3.6 liter boxer engine from the Porshe 911 (964), and the engine power was increased from 250 to 300 hp.

For this purpose, however, a serious modification of the body in the rear was necessary, as well as the entire car was disassembled down to the last bolt and completely restored.

The brake system also comes from the Porsche 964 C2. The suspension of the 2-seater has been redesigned with Bilstein components – and, unlike the stock version, is attached to the body with specially made aluminum bearings. In the rear axle we find a large number of Cup-splits. The LED headlights provide illumination at the level of a modern car, and the classic Fuchs wheels emphasize the age of the sporty Typ 3.

Tuning for nearly 140,000 dollars

With a little imagination and a good investment, this boring and basic 1600 L is transformed into a chic sports coupe. Round gauges, a low seating position and a precision transmission have been added. It is equipped with Recaro seats, with the classic Porsche checkerboard and nappa leather. Added Dr.Boom system with subwoofers and retro design.

An interesting fact is that the first tests of the car were conducted by rally legend Walter Roerl.

You can check out the photos of this masterpiece below in the gallery 👇


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