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Volkswagen Multivan Main Image
June 24, 2021

The new Volkswagen T7 Multivan (Caravelle). What we learned about him.

Volkswagen Vans marked the world premiere of the all-new Genevan as a complete concept. For the first time, the new Bulli uses the basis of Volkswagen’s modular cross-engine design platform (MQB) and makes a huge technological leap forward. One of the significant innovations is the inclusion in the range of a version with a plug-in hybrid drive, which will allow the Multivan to travel a certain mileage with zero emissions (Zero Emission Vehicle).

The Multivan version with a plug-in hybrid drive system bears the additional designation eHybrid, and the total system power of the electric motor and gasoline turbo engine (TSI) is 160 kW / 218 hp. Thanks to the lithium-ion rechargeable battery with an energy capacity of 13 kWh, the new Multivan eHybrid is fully able to cope with the typical average daily mileage of all-electric traction.

In addition to the hybrid version, the new generation Multivan with front-wheel drive will also be available in two versions with four-cylinder petrol turbo engines with a maximum power of 100 kW / 136 hp. and 150 kW / 204 hp. The four-cylinder turbodiesel variant (TDI) with a maximum power of 110 kW / 150 hp. will join the range next year.

The new Volkswagen T7 Caravelle replacement has the same boxy silhouette as the outgoing van, but its new bumpers and full-width daytime running light

All drive variants of the new model are combined as standard with a dual-clutch transmission (DSG). The six-speed DSG with the designation DQ400E of the eHybrid version is specially developed for the plug-in hybrid transmission system, which forms a fully integrated module with the traction motor. The TSI versions and expectations at a later stage of the TDI will use a 7-speed DSG transmission. For the first time in the Multivan, the transmission will be controlled “by wire” – without a mechanical connection between the gear lever and the mechanism, which allows for very easy and convenient gear shifting via a small DSG control lever on the dashboard.

Like the exterior of the new generation, the whole interior is completely new and created from scratch. This includes the dashboard with its widescreen displays, ergonomic layout and full communication connectivity. The driver has in front of him the all-digital readings of the control unit (“Digital Cockpit”) and the infotainment system “Ready 2 Discover” included in the standard equipment.

Part of the standard equipment of all versions of the model are Car2X (system for warning of local hazards based on data exchange with the road infrastructure), the system for monitoring the area in front of the car “Front Assist”, including emergency stop function in urban traffic City , obstacle avoidance assistance with the new cornering assistant, road sign recognition function, Lane Assist and cruise control system. One of the innovative new systems is “IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist“, which allows partial autonomous driving in the entire range from 0 to 210 km / h.

The basic version of the body has become longer and wider than the previous model. The specific dimensions of the new Multivan without the additionally offered exterior mirrors with folding electromechanism are the following – width 1 941 mm (+37 mm compared to Multivan 6.1), length 4 973 mm (+69 mm) and height up to 1 903 mm 47 mm). The wheelbase is 3 124 mm (+124 mm). The T7 Multivan is again available in an extended version, which with an identical wheelbase has a total length of 5173 mm and is 131 mm more compact than the previous model.

Another novelty for the Multivan range is the interactive matrix system IQ.LIGHT of the LED headlights, which is additionally offered as an alternative to the LED headlights included in the standard equipment of all versions.

Although not part of the tradition of previous generations of Multivan, the storage options in the center console are very practical. The same can be said for the table in the back, which was an integral part of the equipment of all previous editions of Multivan. Taking into account these two circumstances, Volkswagen Van specialists have simply rethought and combined these two amenities.

The result is a multifunctional table integrated into the fundamentally updated rail system of the seats. Thanks to the innovative position fixing technology, this new multifunctional The module can be used both as a center console between the driver’s and front passenger’s seats and as a folding table with beverage racks and storage compartments on the second and third rows of seats.

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