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VDO 52mm Gaude Panel for MK2


Kindly be informed that our 3D printed products are meticulously handcrafted and exclusively made to order. Throughout the production process, communication will be facilitated via email to ensure clarity and satisfaction. Customers will receive two confirmation emails: one to authorize the commencement of production and another prior to the shipment of the product. Please note that payment, exclusively through PayPal, will be required after the first email confirmation. We take pride in our commitment to quality and guarantee that each item meets our rigorous standards before it is dispatched. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are dedicated to providing you with a seamless and exceptional experience.


The VDO 52mm Gauge Panel for MK2 vehicles is a precision-engineered dashboard enhancement designed to elevate your driving experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 3D printed panel seamlessly integrates into your MK2’s interior, offering a sleek and professional appearance. Made from ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) material, it ensures durability and longevity, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use. Compatible with VDO gauges, it allows you to effortlessly monitor critical engine parameters such as oil pressure, temperature, and voltage, providing you with invaluable insights into your vehicle’s performance. Whether you’re navigating city streets or hitting the track, trust the VDO 52mm Gauge Panel to deliver reliable and accurate data to keep you informed.

Product feature

High temperature resistance UV resistance Resistance to atmospheric influences Very good mechanical properties
< 105 ° C
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