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Audi rs2-avant-futured
September 29, 2021

The legendary RS2. Audi’s unique Porsche station wagon

The legendary car RS2 is an extremely good workmanship in the automotive industry. It can be said that this is not exactly Audi, as much of the equipment comes from Porsche.

Brakes and turn signals from Porsche

The idea to create the fastest 5-door station wagon production seems to have been liked when the project was put on the table in Zuffenhausen. The special Audi receives 17-inch wheels from the Porsche Cup; mirrors, turn signals and fog lamps of 964; 968 brakes; Porsche inscriptions on the cylinder head and on the RS emblem, which is reserved for the most powerful “11s”.

Who actually paid whom? In the RS2 project, both sides of the development are distributed to the maximum. One company needs attention and image improvement, and the other needs finance. The result of all this is the anabolic Audi 80 – that’s what it looks like and feels like when driving.


The three large openings in the front bumper of the RS are far from just for vision. They significantly contribute to the cooling of antifreeze, air to the turbo and oil. Under the hood runs a 2.2-liter 20V-engine with 5 cylinders – with a deadly sound and thanks to the turbocharger K24 with a liter of 140 “horsepower“: or a total of 315. Fortunately, there is a dual drive. Otherwise, we do not think what would happen after the engine “jumped” the turbo hole and “poured” the brutal power only on the front wheels. Thus, after 3500 rpm, the Audi is driven quite obediently and stops beautifully thanks to the technology from Porsche.

The suspension is tight, but not too tight, and the 6 gears are not typical for young timers. Nowadays the S4 needs the time for the 0-100 km / h sprint of 5.8 seconds. Twenty years ago, the doping station wagon cost a brutal 98,900 marks, and today it is more expensive to use than ever before.


Nowadays, this legendary car starts at 54,500 euros. The supply has been extremely reduced, as only 3,000 units have been produced. Many of these pieces are either bumped or “tuned” and damaged. Many of the “tuning” companies apparently did not understand that there is nothing to improve on this Audi-Porsche.

Car data Porsche B32
Engine 6-cylinder, turbo
Valves / camshafts 20/2
Camshaft drive timing belt
Working volume 2226 cubic centimeters
Diameter x stroke of the piston 81,0 x 86,4 mm
kW (hp) at rpm 232 (315) / 6500
Nm at rpm 410/3000
Max. speed 262 km / h (163mph)
Transmission 6-speed manual
Drive 4×4 quattro drive
Front / rear brakes disc / drum
Fuel consumption (factory data) 10.4 litre
Total weight 1630 kg
Measured values
Acceleration 0–100 km / h 6,5s
Mileage with one charge 390km
Noise inside 50/100 km / h 61/67 dB (A)
54,500 euro


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