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July 07, 2021

The future Audi A6 will be electric

Audi has unveiled the concept A6 e-tron at the Shanghai Motor Show, which will be up to 95 percent similar to the production model. The four-door liftback, or as it is called in the Sportback company itself, is the first Audi built on the new PPE (Premium Platform Electric) electric platform. The concept is larger than the current A6: it is longer, wider and taller, and the rims are 22 inches. The drag coefficient is 0.22, more than that of the Mercedes-Benz EQS (0.20).


The A6 e-tron has cameras instead of exterior mirrors, retractable door handles and special matrix headlights that can project navigation signs on the road or information about the remaining battery charge. Whether this technology will get the production car, Audi does not specify.

The Audi A6 e-tron is powered by two electric units (one on the front and one on the rear axle). The total power of the electric motors reaches 476 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. From standstill to 100 km / h, the electric liftback accelerates in less than 4 seconds.

Audi A6 e-tron img 2

The battery capacity is 100 kilowatt hours, provides a power reserve of up to 700 kilometers. Express charging from five to 80 percent takes about 25 minutes and in 10 minutes you can increase mileage by about 300 kilometers.

The debut of the new-generation Audi A6 will take place in the second half of 2022, and the model will go on sale in early 2023. Production is organized in factories in Germany and China.

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